4 Wheeling Off-Road Adventure For The New Members

4 Wheeling Off-Road Adventure For The New Members

Yes, we are presenting you the best off-road adventures for 4-wheelers and the new members who want to get to learn our terrain and get used to the off-roading! This is a unique race where the goal is not to finish the race as the number one, but rather to have a good time, make a memorable experience that you will never forget and to hang out with the rest of people who participate in this event! It will start on 5th August this year and we would like to give you some basic information about the event!

The start

The start will be scheduled for the 12PM, at Lyndhurst where the initial gathering takes place and it is recommended to show up at least an hour before the start. The race will start at our base camp at the Lyndhurst, where we will gather all the racers and perform the inspections of the vehicles in case you do not use any of ours. Once the inspection is complete, the race should start at 12PM. Before the race, we will have the gathering and getting to know the session, where we want to meet every racer and talk to. We also offer the free maps of the terrain so you could give it a quick glance and see what you can expect. Once everything is ready and set up, the race will start.


The route

You will not need any GPS system as the route will be marked with the markers, so just pay attention to these. You will drive from Lyndhurst over Cadnam and Brook, all the way to the Hamptworth and then you circle around and go all the way down to Sway. The overall length of this route is a little bit over 21 miles and it will take an hour and 10 minutes to complete the track. There will be a lot of standing shops along the route where you can stop and take a drink. Though the overall length is not so long, the goal is to enable rookie drivers to get familiar with the terrain, vehicles and overall rules, before exploring more! All the tracks will be marked so you do not get lost, so you do not need to worry about getting to the destination! Your job is to stay on the marked off-road and enjoy the ride!

The post-gathering

All the drivers are required to sign in once they finish the race and get to Sway! This is a bit of a security measure just to make sure everyone managed to get to the destination and have a good time! Here, at Sway, we will have a camp with the food and refreshments so you could rest a bit. We want to hang out with all the drivers and members to hear their experience and overall rating! The final part is going from Sway to Lyndhurst just to return the vehicles, or to get to the main exit before leaving this fantastic adventure!