The Best Summer USA Off-Road Events In 2019 – Only For Hardcore Off-Road Freaks

The Best Summer USA Off-Road Events In 2019 – Only For Hardcore Off-Road Freaks

This summer, you can enjoy in many off-road events in the USA! Although we are situated in the UK, it is not a bad idea to mention several events you should not miss, if you find yourself in the USA this summer! All of these accept both experienced and rookie drivers, so your skills are not the entry requirements but we recommend you to attend if you have some decent amount of mud-driving skills! The only entry requirement you should meet is that you are 18 years old at least, which you are probably as you are reading this article! Just make sure you find out enough information about the tracks and terrains!

The Full Thorttle Rally, South Dakota – July 24-25

If there is one place that you should visit just because of the off-roading in the USA, then it is the state of South Dakota. It lays on the Northern part of the US, right next to Minessota and Montana, and it offers colorful landscapes that are full of ponds and rivers that you can cross with your ATV or any type of off-road vehicle. One of the most interesting parts of this event is going through the Black Hills, which has more than 600 miles of tracks, which are just made for the driving enthusiasts. Prepare for the jumbo driving as the terrain can be tough from time to time. We recommend this event for drivers who have some experience in off-roading! However, the novice drivers can also participate as they have shorter and less-requiring tracks!

Jericho ATV Festival, New Hampshire – August 2-3

Are you a fan of driving through the mud? If so, then you should not miss this event! Have in mind that this is one of the most requiring tracks and you must have a solid experience for this adventure! It is held in New Hampshire and the event starts at Jericho Mountain State Park, which offers more than 1,000 miles of interconnected trails where you can enjoy the full thorttle! The event is mainly made for the ATV lovers, though the buggys and other vehicles made for mud can participate as well. Also, there are a lot of camping places, motels and hotels alongside the roads so you can rest any time you want!+

Jericho ATV Festival, New Hampshire

GBC Heartland Challenge, Iowa – 16-17 August

Just next to the Illinois state, Iowa has one of the coolest landscapes of all the states! GBC Heartland Challenge offers the 10 hours of constant racing and it is made for the true lovers of ATVs and the rough terrains! You can participate in races that are shorter, like 4 or 3 hours, but the biggest adrenaline rush comes from the longest race of 10 hours! You can enjoy in the special prizes, free beverages and refreshments, as well accommodation that is free for all who pay for the participation in this event. Strong off-road skills are required to enter this race, as the terrain can really be dangerous and unpredictable!